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Geothermal Products

Geothermal Products

WaterFurnace has been the most recognized and respected name in the industry for nearly three decades. Every unit is tested before it leaves the manufacturing facility to ensure flawless operation on startup. We combine a commitment to quality installations with WaterFurnace’s commitment to quality products – that’s the best of both worlds.

7 Series 700A11

43.5 EER/5.1 COP

5 Series 500A11

28 EER/4.8 COP

3 Series 300A11

22.3 EER/4.1 COP


25.7 EER/4.1 COP

5 Series 500W11

17.5 EER/3.1 COP

5 Series 504W11

16.1 EER/3.3 COP

Envision NDW

22 EER/3.5 COP

7 Series 700R11

40.8 EER/5.2 COP

5 Series 500RO11

25.3 EER/4.4 COP

5 Series 500R11

25.3 EER/4.4 COP

5 Series SAH

23.5 EER/4.4 COP

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