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Our Most Recent Service Reviews

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Chris Capobianco
Chris Capobianco 3.0

Service technician was excellent, friendly, and professional. He diagnosed the problem with our furnace within 10 minutes. Unfortunately, they did not have the part in stock, and it had to be ordered. The part was the inducer blower assembly, which from ... an internet search on ones that looked like mine and the data I had, varies in price from $307 to $483. When I got the call from the scheduler, (also a very nice person) she told me the price, which was a "flat fee" of $888, and to pay 1/2 up front. I was a little taken aback, and so asked if I could get a breakdown of parts and labor. I knew to replace the assembly would take less than 15 minutes because I saw how the tech removed the old one. She said that it was a "flat fee" and included everything and she was not able to give me a breakdown. I asked why, but she had no answer. Such a lack of transparency was frustrating and made me feel uncomfortable and, frankly, cheated. I will avoid Bullman's when I need HVAC work, I don't trust the management there, nor do I agree with their shady "flat fee" business practice. On the bright side, we do have heat again, which is nice. We went 2.5 cold weeks from my first call to the completion of the 10 minute installation. Read More...

patrick johnson
patrick johnson 5.0
Gordon Fraser
Gordon Fraser 5.0

The phone rep Danielle and the service rep Don both performed rapid response initiatives to solve our heat pump problem. We were experiencing cold weather while running emergency heat waiting on a part. Now the problem is solved and we are proud ... customers of Bullman Heating and Air. Read More...

Sheldra L. Morell
Sheldra L. Morell 5.0

Ethan was punctual, courteous and thorough in servicing the ac/heat units for the winter check up. This is the 2nd time I requested him. Will ask for him to service again for Spring service.

Lane Jennings
Lane Jennings 5.0

Ethan is excellent . Very knowledgeable , courteous and professional . Lane Jennings

V Z 1.0

I had used Bullman Heating previously for a new construction project and called them again to request a bid to vent out a kitchen hood. Will explained to me that they don’t do bids for these types of projects but that they are time and material ... projects. Yet he would still need to come to my property and look at the project. I told him this was a very simple job. I had recently had a washer and dryer vented out just on the other side of the wall in my garage where there are pull down stairs to enter the attic. It’s a straight shot up through the attic and out the roof. He insisted the project needed 4 men in case they ran into a problem. I agreed even though I did try to push back because I knew it was a simple project. I asked what the worst-case scenario cost looked like, and he told me if the 4 guys were there all day it would be $1000.00. The 4 men arrived and completed the project in 1 hour and 15 minutes which didn’t surprise me. However, I was extremely disappointed when I received the bill which was 565.00 plus tax and there was no breakdown which is typical in a time and material-based job. When I called to ask about it, Will said his men told him they were here for 2 hours. I informed him that I was here when they arrived and departed. They were here for 1 hour and 15 minutes. (I double checked the time with my Ring cameras). Will then informed me that the company has a 4-hour minimum. That was the first time I was told about their minimum. I told Will I would pay the bill but that I would not be using them again. He interrupted me before I could even finish talking so he could tell me, “I was going to suggest you lose my number”. I have never dealt with a person that is so incompetent at his job or rude. He clearly has no idea how to bid a job. He had also mentioned that they must make money. I understand that because I own a company too, but this is not how you do it. Since then, I have gone back to watch the entire camera footage only to be more disappointed. 2 men could have completed this job in the exact same time. Needless to say I would not use this company again. I also called and left a message to talk with the General Manager and no one returned my call which is why I left this review. I paid my bill in full and they cashed my check. Read More...

Hoyt Almond
Hoyt Almond 5.0
Libi Listening
Libi Listening Heart 5.0

Excellent technician David. He was competent and answered all questions.

JoAnn Ormand
JoAnn Ormand 5.0

David is a great technician who represents Bullman Heating and Air very well via his professionalism, pleasant personality and knowledge. I have great trust in him and in the recommendations he makes.

Jan Lawrence
Jan Lawrence 5.0

Service representative was on time, effective and efficient. One issue was resolved and the second will be with a follow-up appointment. I feel Ethan was outstanding. Thank you, Bullman!

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